Wines of Italy

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WINES OF ITALY Name: Course: Tutor: University: Location: Date: Wines of Italy Introduction In a global perspective, Italy is the only nation that has been synonymous with wine. For instance, this country has hosted the vast variety of wines for many years. Last year, Italy was ranked the highest global distributor and producer of wine while France came in the Secord place. Furthermore, the Italian wine industry has significant economic benefit to the Italian government. For example, it has been estimated that Italian wine and grapes business contributes at least fifty million Euro as revenue for Italian authority. Additionally, the local citizens consume an average of 42 liters per person annually (Lisman, 2013, 10). Far from that, the Italian agriculture is also saturated with grapes vine plantations. For instance, it is estimated that the Italian nation has more than one million cultivated vineyards found in every part of the country (Lisman, 2013, 7). History of Wine in Italy Consequently, the Greeks were the initial individuals who discovered the potential of Italy as a wine producing region. Therefore, when the Greeks occupied the region presently termed as Sicily, they were fascinated with the fertile land that is located in the southern region of Italy, and they decided to import vines for immediate cultivation in early 800 BC. They called their new settled land Oenotria that also translated to the land of wine (Meloni and Swinnen, 2013, 247). The Greeks believed that Dionysus who is known as the god of wine had spotted the current Italy has the perfect region for generating wines. On the other hand, the Roman Empire also facilitated the

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