WikiLeaks: Case Study for Cyberwar?

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Wikileaks a cyberwar? Name Institution Date     Wikileaks a cyberwar? Cyberwar is a space battle aiming networks and computers. Cyberwar encompasses defensive and offensive techniques in cyber attacks, sabotage, and espionage. Wikileaks and founder Julian Assange have been in a battle with some large corporations and governments. As the battle continues, even the non-targeted businesses by activists will find themselves in a predicament of collateral damage because they are either mentioned rightly or wrongly to the WikiLeaks situation. The purpose of the paper is not to defend Wikileaks but to bring to attention in the way that commentator, journalists and former government officials have framed Wikileaks incidents and the remedies they have proposed. The website made waves in April this year released footage of a leaked gun in America from an army attack in the US that left two journalists dead in Baghdad. WikiLeaks has posted once again a diary of war in Afghan, and the footage made US army intelligence analyst to be arrested for leaking the footage (Clayton, 2010). US defense and intelligence are not happy and therefore hold a great rift with the organization and in turn, have termed WikiLeaks to be an organization with blood on its hands, and they have further claimed to provide documents for the names of informants to Afghan attacks. WikiLeaks, as suggested by Michael Hayden, is an interesting cyberwar that in real sense would not be possible in a physical state. In trying to comprehend cyberwar, of course, we aren’t sure of how it looks mostly because the victims and participants do not report its incidences (Clayton,

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