why teenagers commit suicides

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First Name Last Name Instructor Course: Date of Submission: Why Teenagers Commit Suicide Today, suicide has become a common event among the teenagers. Suicide cases have become prevalent such that it is developing a trend in the society (Rue, 73). The event is unfortunate. On looking on some of the reasons contributing to teenage suicides are very insignificant to the victim and the family members. Usually, death affects the people left behind. For this reason, when a suicide occurs, most people are eager to understand the reason the teenager committed the suicide. Although the teenage life seems the most exciting period for most individuals, some tens tend to undergo a lot of pain and terrible situations that accelerate the driving force to commit suicide. On looking at the primary cause of teenage suicides, the symbolic internationalist perspective gives a sociological view. The approach outlines that the society is a product of the day to day interactions of various persons (Taylor, Jim, and Lindsey, 1006). Max Weber suggests that the social interaction of individuals in the community shapes the focus of particular situation. The constant social interaction among the teenager is the primary driver to some of the frustrations and pain leading to suicide. Teenagers may feel the event of hopelessness due to pain, rejection, victimization, lack of love or loss (Zigmund, 63). The teens may think that the situation is uncontrollable, unbearable and may never end and thus they seek to commit suicide to evade the suffering. In other cases, the teens fell they are a burden to other people like a parent and can also lead to death. Consequently, a teenager may commit

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