Why strict diets are unhealthy

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Strict Diet Introduction Health physicians and practitioners define a diet as food and drinks taken in a specified quantity or compositions with the aim of maintaining good personal health. Therefore, the diet restricts the amount of food taken by an individual on a specified period. Strict diet, however, is a seven-day planner aimed at reducing weight for persons with excess weight caused by excess carbohydrate intake. Although strict diet helps one to lose weight and live a healthy life, it has also proved to have some negative implications too. Firstly, the body requires a certain amount of proteins and vitamins determined by the number of calories taken. Reducing calories, therefore, decreases the number of vitamins and proteins required by the body for normal growth. Low body nutrients lead to low body immunity causing diseases (Bowles). Secondly, starving the body causes it to digest the body muscles and fats. The result of the reaction could be severe to the health of a person, especially if the muscles digested are from the heart. The loss of the tissues of the heart may cause heart problems eventually leading to death (Hagan). Thirdly, health researchers have found that strict diet causes an imbalance between insulin and sugar level in the body. In case, a person is following a detox diet, high sugar and low level of fiber juice cause an influx causing insulin resistance. Insulin resistance causes type two diabetes. Further, it exposes people to high chance of getting cancer (Hagan). However, some nutritionists argue that the diet is an important factor in leading a normal life. They explain that it is

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