why public service matters

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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Why public service matters “An individual’s input to society, no matter how little, sure makes all the difference in the world”-these are words I strongly believe in when it comes to matters public service. Public service is a way through which the government gives back to its people in different communities through provision of services through civil servants. It is through public service that public good is enhanced therefore contributing to one of the national core values. Additionally, it brings a clear picture of the government to its citizen’s even further creating relations between the two. It simply means public service exists to satisfy the duty of the government-serving its citizens. Also, it is more of a universal deed that helps both classes in the society and generally brings a sense of satisfaction especially among the lower class in society. This is done through various ways like public servants listening to stranger’s problems and helping them cope, hanging out with the disabled as well as assisting the old finish a race. This service helps to establish better environments for the communities and better the quality of life by ensuring every citizen has equal access to the services needed. I believe that when this cause is done out of good will and self-drive, personal satisfaction is achieved, more reason why I want to pursue it. Service to community is also something that is close to my heart and I get overwhelming satisfaction through doing this. It is all about empathy and losing myself to the service of others. As John F. Kennedy puts it, it’s not about what the country can do for me; it’s

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