Why it is Important to feel Anger

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Why is it Important to feel Anger? Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Why is it Important to feel Anger? Anger is an emotion that many people shun away from because it is uncomfortable, but the truth is that distress is what gives it the aptitude. It is a strong feeling of oversensitivity or discontentment. It comprises a sensible state of maturity (Herschkopf, 2003). I imagine if nothing ever made us apprehensive or angry what would encourage us to make significant changes? People need to understand that sometimes they need those more difficult times or emotions to guide them away from critical, insubstantial, putrid or disastrous things because each of our feelings plays a vital role in our lives by providing us with useful information. In today’s society, it is evident that the maxim of contentment drives people, that is, the inclination always to explore positive feelings and acquaintances and to avoid pain. We are sensitive human beings; we are not in a position to choose what to feel, but people will always desire to be happier than sad or mad (Herschkopf, 2003). Because emotions are still accurate, people are always characterized to feel them all, but one thing to avoid is to compel them onto others thus the need to even be careful. Anger is an eminent and one useful listening and grasping or clinging to. Most of the times, it could be a message that we have been hurt our rights have been defined in some ways, our needs have not been suitably met or just that something is not right at all. When we choose to become perplexed by our anger or scared of people becoming mad at us, we execute deferral (Herschkopf, 2003). All in all, emotional

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