Why does the unknown hold such fascination for humanity?

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Understanding Human Mind Reaction to the Unknown Life is completed by what people have, what they already know, and that they can manipulate. The two reasons why people hold unknown with contempt are because unknown can contain a lurking danger, and another because it can contain a possible reward. There is a general belief that what a person has, and what they know are not the best available especially when they compare themselves to some other person and find that the other person knows what they don’t know. This develops curiosity in mind. Curiosity then drives a person to want to know the other thing that they don’t know believing that it can be good enough to improve their current situations. (Cecchin 405-13) People with positive curiosity always adventure out, get new knowledge and create new avenues. The mind of positively curious people tends to get new knowledge that they can manipulate and create new solutions. Therefore, people ask questions about the unknown to try and find possible benefits and rewards that are held up in the unknown. Knowledge is also another useful tool that helps people to survive. What one knows may be useful in evading danger, and thus prolong life, people tend to know as much as possible so as to be able to handle any situation. Having knowledge, therefore, gives people an advantage over unfortunate situations. A person would thus seek for more information important for survival. Not knowing anything makes a person feel inadequate and insecure. They then take to find reasons and solutions around the unknown. In this respect, many people find the dire need to know as much as possible and to

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