Why do we punish people?

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Name Course Professor’s name Date of submission Why Do We Punish People Punishment occurs in different formats most of which are determined by the intention. As such, it is clear that there are different reasons people are punished. Punishment, from a definition perspective, refers to the act of imposition of a penalty in retribution of an offense. It could be physical or non-physical. In the context of a child, punishment is conducted in an attempt to scare and demonstrate the impacts of doing wrong. Usually, punishment for children is mostly physical where beating is involved, or tasks are given, and restriction of freedom are also given. A similar concept is applied in the correctional system where those who commit felonies are locked up away from the free world as an approach to discourage them from engaging in felonious activities. In the context of workplaces and similar environments, punishment is also used as a measure that deters people from engaging in unethical or unacceptable activities. Punishment creates a wall between what is right and what is wrong. From a psychological point of view, it is considered as the consequence for wrong doers. It performs a better and more effective role as compared to the attempts made to offer incentives in a bid to control wrongdoing. Though there is arguments or perceptions that punishment possesses short-term discipline, it is imperative to insinuate that there is a high feasibility that it impacts or deters cases of future bad behavior. Conclusively, punishment mainly focuses on facilitating mutual existence between people where the wrongdoers are rewarded accordingly. In the process of a child’s

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