Why consumer should patronize organic food

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Student’s name Professor Course number Date Why the Consumers Should Patronize Organic Food In the last couple of decades, the food industry has rapidly developed and resulted in revolutionizing approaches to production, processing, and distribution of various types of foods. People started eating smarter by filtering what they consume, selecting the most nutritious, healthy, or just tasty foods, and reducing those that might result in diseases, such as cancer, obesity, ulcer, etc. The movements of vegetarians and vegans are becoming more and more popular. The humans reached the level of development in the context of evolution when they struggle to prevent aging and live longer and healthier life. It is no longer needed to hunt for a piece of meat and the deficit of food products is over on the majority of the planet. Thus, it’s time to choose what to consume. Nevertheless, the abundance of food produce is available at the expense of reducing the price of food production and adding a lot of chemicals to make the products more attractive and make them last longer. Consequently, the amount of organic food is smaller and more expensive in relation to the rest of food products that contain pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals harmful to our health. This research paper will aim at exploring how to increase the production and reach more equitable sales, as well as the distribution of organic produce by means of customer education, farming reform, and high-quality analysis of the market. Although healthy lifestyle and diet are gaining more and more popularity, there is still no distinct understanding of what organic food is. People often confuse it with

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