Why are bureaucracies necessary but sometimes liabilities in policymaking?

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IMPACT OF MODE OF GOVERNMENT ON BUREAUCRACY Name Institution Course Professor Date Introduction Bureaucracy is responsible for making and implementation of critical government policies. In most countries, bureaucrats enact the rules into practice, and as a result, federal bureaucracy has an influence on policymaking. (Rosen 1998) Despite that, the government does not have the ability to monitor the many factions that form the bureaucracy thus most of its work goes unsupervised. Additionally, individuals who control policies know more about them than the president and his subjects hence they have more expertise. Apparently, it is very difficult to fire bureaucrats even if they are incompetent. Bureaucracy in Malaysia and Singapore is analyzed by looking at how the state of the civil service comprising of bureaucrats, will affect how the government conducts its activities. Singapore, a city-state in South East Asia, has been declared to have the most effective government due to its authentic and uncorrupt nature.Despite that, the government established the population policy in the 1960s. By 1966, the government enacted the National Family Planning Programme, but the policy might have caused liability because it took long to become effective. However, the neighboring Malaysia is a stark contrast because of its bloated civil service that has been blamed for slow and ineffective government operation. Weiss and Barton (1980) The civil service’s efficiency in policy establishment and implementation differs between the two countries with Singapore ranked as the most effective. (Quah 2007) The situation is certain despite the two countries sharing a similar

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