Why a Scholarship will benefit me

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Name Instructor Course Date Why a Scholarship Will Benefit Me Right from my childhood, I have always known that education is the greatest hope and most effective arbiter of humanity in the quest to realize a better future. Owing to my health situation and passion for science, I have always desired to pursue a career in medical field. Nursing, in particular, has drawn my interest for a long time. Devoting my life to improving and protecting other people’s lives is not only interesting but also reassuring to me. I have lived with lupus for over 27 years, and this has given me the impetus to pursue a career in a medical field so that I can people facing the kind of problem. I need a scholarship program to help and support me achieve my educational and career objectives. I am a dedicated student, driven not only by the desire to succeed but also the commitment to impact the society positively. As a student with inconsistent financial flows, the scholarship will be of great assistance to me, especially, in supporting my goal to complete my degree. I would want to step in the medical field as a nurse who is debt free to be able to concentrate on serving people. While I am consistently trying to work hard and looking for scholarship openings that will assist me to pay for my edification, I remain appreciative to find opportunities, such as the one this organization offers to students. Certainly, it makes have a feeling that I am not the only one on this journey of realizing my educational objectives. The scholarship makes me feel that education is, indeed, a right not a privilege. Beerkens et al. found that working while in school is the primary reason why

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