Who’s side are you on? the cold war

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The Cold War Student’s name Institution The Cold War Towards the end of World War II, American soldiers and their Soviet counterparts toasted to victory. This act, however, veiled an underlying rivalry precipitated by actions from the two sides. These were times when the world was undergoing massive technological advancement on all fronts. Computing, infrastructure, medicine and the aviation industry are some of the fields that saw development. Americans and Soviets stood out as the major players. However, there were ideological differences that, together with mutual temperaments, fostered a rift between the two. This in was in itself a visible side of the cold war. Of the various schools of thoughts on the cold war, there is some that trace it to the year 1917 when the Bolshevik’s rule saw a founding of a Marxist-Leninist system (Craig, & Logevall, 2012). This was a system aiming at dismantling capitalism, the American kind of economy, and replacing it with communism. In 1945, the Second World War came to close. This was after Nazi Germany’s surrender. What followed was an apparently weak alliance with Britain and the United States, on the one hand, and Soviets on the other. During this time, fear of the USSR gaining permanent hold of Eastern European regions was escalating. This was perceived due to their propping of a communist idealist leadership and installation of leftist governments. In addition to this was the distrust amongst the two powers which led to misperceptions. What followed was an arms race as one side sought to emerge more militarily superior to the other. Though none of the sides directly aggravated the other, a peak was reached

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