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Eligibility to voteJames Kent objections on universal suffrage Universal suffrage refers to a situation of where most the population has the liberty to vote, but the low class, minors, and subjects are deprived of their democratic right to vote. James Kent was against raising the property threshold for those who were eligible to vote. He opposed the motion tabled to increase the property value for voters. He argued that even African-Americans had the right to elect leaders of their choice. However, he concludes by saying that there be different rights as there are social classes. He continued to indicate that representation is according to the individual contribution of every citizen. In addition to this, James Kent argued that it was not constitutionally right for a low wage citizen to get the same representation as one who plays a bigger role in nation building. James Kent on the future of New York James Kent sought to create a unified judicial system for New York. Through his collaboration with journalists, all his verdicts and rulings were published for use as references by other judges and legal practitioners. The scaling of New York regarding growth is a force to reckon with in the coming days and therefore the laws passed today are crucial in the future. James describes New York as the imminent future of American growth and prosperity. Despite the universal suffrage, the city is destined for strategic and economic growth as it’s an important milestone for the days to come. The American society just like in Europe, are farmers and landowners who constitutionally have no suffrage rights. In both systems, there is discrimination against social classes. The

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