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The whitelist is now open! Dear subscriber! My Name is Paccar Wildehome the Chief Executive officer and founder of Wildehome INC. On behalf of our company, I am delighted to congratulate for joining our mailing list. We are excited to let all our partners know that our Whitelist is now open! We urge all our valued participants to sign up through this link to reserve a spot. By signing up, you will be updated timely on events plans and the subjects of your interest. The whitelist signups link is now open and will be closing on Monday at 8:00. So sign for free while our whitelist link is still open. By signing up to our whitelist, you will be able to connect with us and share information efficiently. You will also access our emails directly in your inbox and not trash. That way you won't miss out on the critical updates and information. This whitelist will also help us protect our subscribers from incorrect websites that may look like ours (FinJan CyberSecurity, 2018). That way you can verify all information from our organization which will be delivered directly to your inbox. By clicking the whitelist link above, you will be able to reply to our emails directly to our mailbox. The open line will also allow our subscribers to rate the quality of information we send them. This way we will improve your experiences with our organization. Most importantly adding you to our whitelist will help us to give you secured information, get you accurate information and help us minimize false positives from our feedbacks. Thank you for being with us we are looking forward to improving the experiences of all our subscribers. Reference FinJan CyberSecurity. (2018).

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