White previllenge

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: White privilege is a social-economic advantage to people of a particular color. Significant cultural, legal and political values have been granted to them just because of their skin color. Racism is thought to play a critical role in categorizing people so that some have a certain degree of advantage over others. They believe that their lives are of specific standards that others should be willing to imitate (Peggy 123). White privilege also occurs in cases where men view themselves having more opportunities with women seen as disadvantaged characters. These issues are invisible because both the men and the whites are taught not to recognize any form of privilege that exists in them. Unpacking would mean requesting men to surrender some of their powers to women. People should also be encouraged to view themselves not as oppressors and disadvantaged characters (Peggy 124). This because our moral status to a greater extent influences our moral will. Furthermore, we should appreciate our cultural setups, improve on them, and not just adopt the whites’ styles. We should also believe that our vital systems could work for us and not just depend on those of specific groups of people. The meaning of these metaphors is that we should never underestimate ourselves regardless of the sex or the race that one comes from. This is because these two are not the only determinants of one’s success. This is convincing because over the past decades we have observed counties not of the white color doing excellent in the significant production and processing industries. Besides, women have been engaged in the so-called men jobs

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