Whether women had a renaissance according to Joan Kelly-Gadol

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Whether women had a renaissance according to Joan Kelly-Gadol Indeed there could be the belief that women earned power, freedom, respect and their self-esteem during the times of the Renaissance in the same manner as the males. However, in other perspectives, the social stand of the women had a regression to that of the Ancient Greece. Men, for instance, enjoyed the privileges of top notch education, higher privileges of legal rights, well-paying job opportunities, and better lifestyles during the Renaissance times (Kelly-Gadol 175). Meanwhile, women ended up losing power, experienced unstable relationships, sexual harassment, economic manipulation and also manipulation in instances associated with politics and the related ideologies with the same. The aim of this paper, for this reason, will be in the evaluation of whether women had renaissance as postulated by Joan Kelly-Gadol The truth is that there were female painters and writers, but this did not lead to them earning the desired fame or even commission in the same manner their male counterparts enjoyed the same. On the same note, these job opportunities did not place men at a good position in becoming great movers in the society (Kelly-Gadol 177). Added to the same, women also ended up losing power within their relationships. For instance, in the medieval period, it is the courtly case of love that led to women acquiring power within their marital and love affairs plus also giving them an opportunity in the choice of the partners they should lead the life within these relationships. A good example here is the case where the Noble women during the Renaissance had no choice but to get involved in the arrangement of

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