When you have a toothache, is the pain in your mouth or in your brain?

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First name Last name Instructor's Name Course Number Date Is the pain in the mouth or in the brain? Pain is defined as the unpleasant subjective feeling, whose motive is to stimulate you to respond, i.e., to protect the body parts that the brain thinks are damaged. The brain may be right or wrong. If you are in pain, the brain presumes that certain body parts are under threat. This one in its way is a mechanism for survival. Pain is an output of the brain and not a preformed feeling that arrives at the brain from the sick body part. When the brain thinks the body is under threat, it creates pain to protect the affected body part hence initiating the healing process. When having a toothache, the pain is not in the mouth but rather in the brain. The nerve endings in the tooth send a cautionary message to the brain. Amazingly no pain would be felt until the brain acts on this message and finally decides that creating pain would be important in preventing further damage to the affected area. The three most important parts of the brain that receives and processes pain sensations originating from different regions of the body are the brain stem, thalamus, and the cortex. The transmission of pain signals reaches the brain using two ways namely: the fast pathway and the slow pathway. The fast path takes messages to thalamus through A-delta fibers. These are neutral channels, and they transfer signals regarding pain and temperatures to the brain for processing and interpretation. The slow pathway transmits pain signals slower than the fast pathway. The C-fibres detect the pain stimulus trough temperature, chemical or pressure changes. The information is then sent to

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