What set of political ideas did New Labour represent?

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POLITICAL IDEAS OF THE NEW LABOUR By (Name) Course’s Name Professor’s Name Institution’s Name Date Introduction From its foundation, the Labour Party was created as a political party standing for or championing the rights of workers in the legislative body. Emanating from the Labour Representation Committee (LRC), the Labour party was born by a range of trade unions as well as communist groups (Finlayson, 2003 p. 16). Accordingly, just from its launch, its principal aim was to choose members of parliament who would champion the welfare of the trade unions as well as individual workers. Even though apparently not a devoted communalist party, as at 1918, the Labour party incorporated Clause 4 within its party policy. It was a principle of communal possession that devoted the Labour party to making public the lands, coal mines, the energy and transport sectors as well as proclaiming their intent to make tax rates sharply progressive so as to finance a key expansion of learning as well as community services (Dearlove & Saunders, 2000 p. 394). It quickly passed the Liberal party in fame as well as climbed to be the main challenger for the Conservative party, creating three administrations between the years of 1926-1945. From 1979 Labour party has experienced spectacular transformations in its structure as well as the organization. To some extent, these transformations have been in reaction to the party’s failure to gain victory in the elections conducted between the election years of 1979-1997 (Dearlove & Saunders, 2000 p. 397). Nevertheless, the revolution travels more than these failures and may be seen as a manifestation of the constant tussle

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