What is your stance on the casting choices made by Lin-Manuel Miranda in the play Hamilton?

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name English Date Casting choices made by Lin- Manuel Miranda on the play Hamilton Dare to say inventive, dare to say bold, dare to say imaginative but don’t you dare say that Miranda is radical, especially with his casting choices for the musical play Hamilton. The musical features the life and times of Alexander Hamilton, aide to President George Washington drawn from the autobiography “Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow. Miranda’s choice of casting for this vintage is quite astonishing since the play is about predominantly white old men. He has audaciously cast Caucasian, colored and Latino actors to try and conform to contemporary times and to enthrall his audience with the irony of it. The brilliance of the Hamilton cast choices is an extraordinary leap in American theater, nay it’s a leap for the whole world of theater. The diversity he has introduced not only enables the audience come to terms with and even appreciate the contemporary nature of our modern society, but it also gives them an opportunity to trade roles and see the experience of being on the other side of the fence. Miranda insists that the intention of the author must be preserved, but his cast options contradict the assertion to some extent. Musicals, good musicals are color blind and can always be identified by the buzz that it engenders in the audience. Hamilton is one big buzzer. It has received attention from all directions, eliciting fans even among the Washington elite. The acknowledgment can be ascribed to the fact that the musical’s tone is about America's past through modern-day lenses and pointing up to the future of the country

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