What is your impression of the people of Lilliput at the beginning of the story? Does your impression change at the end of the story? If so, how? What does the author do to make the reader change his

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Name Tutor Course Date Gulliver’s Travels – A Voyage to Lilliput Introduction Gulliver’s Travels is a voyage tale comprising of his numerous expeditions. During one of his travels, his ship gets destroyed. He wakes up to find himself captured by the Lilliputians. Gulliver eventually helps the Lilliputians defeat the Blefuscudian navy but jealousy eventually leads to Gulliver’s down fall in Lilliput making him flee. The people of Lilliput The Lilliputians are very tiny creatures with bizarre behaviors and beliefs. This weirdness is seen through their way of raising children. The children are raised by the kingdom and can only be seen by parents two times in a week. They not only believe that the world is somewhat flat and the dead are likely to come back to life when the world is upside down, they also bury the dead with their heads down (Swift and Jonathan 65). The Lilliputians are portrayed as people with preposterous degrees of ambition. This is seen through the way they choose their officials through trivial competitions and not through virtue. An example from the passage is the competition of who was able to jump the highest on a rope. The author narrates this story through Gulliver’s eyes. He does not provide all the details about the Lilliputians at first and this makes the reader view things only from the author’s perspective. As Gulliver gets to know the people of Lilliput, he gets to appreciate them and understand them. His perspective of the people of Lilliput changes and so does the reader’s perspective. He no longer views them as tinny little annoying people who initially tied him up. Conclusion It is very important that we

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