What is the hardest part of being a teenager now? What’s the best part? What advice would you give a younger sibling or friend (assuming they would listen to you)?

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Student’s name: Instructor’s name: Course: Due date: The reality of being a teenager. Introduction Being a teenager leaves one with so many insatiable needs ranging from personal to societal. Currently, a teenager has to go to school, participate in the extracurricular activities and also keep up with the intensified social setting. The current generation has been forced to make choices based on the perception of how they are being looked at by their peers. Due to the social pressure, a teenager finds it hard to decide his or her life. However it may be hard to be a teenager now, there are some of the best things to be one. The hardest part of being a teenager currently is making your own decision without thinking that one is judging you. A teenager finds it hard to have the self-belief in whatever he or she does. As a teenager, one feels the intense anxiety or the fear of given activities or even situation with the concern he or she is being watched or judged. A teenager has an introverted nature and mainly prefers for solitude (Canfield et. al, 20). This leads to suffering from social anxiety. Being a stage that one thinks of being an adult, making a single decision may be hard due to the fear of either making a mistake or being taken for granted. The aversion to trying has made it hard for a teenager to come up with a firm decision.The social anxiety merely leads to the isolation by the teenager. A teenager finds it hard even to consult any adult currently. There a mixed feeling of being right and wrong at the same time (Canfield et al., 24). This is due to the prejudgment that a teenager has in every situation which has preoccupied the mind. It,

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