What is e? What practical implications has its discovery and use had?

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: What is e? What practical implications has its discovery and use had? Euler’s number represented by the letter ‘e’ has been a very famous number that is irrational in value and is also very important in mathematics. The letter ‘e’ has a great bearing in mathematics as it is a value and rather not a letter just like any alphabet. Its discovery has been very impactful in both the fields of mathematics and sciences. The Euler’s number has a value of 2.7182818284590452353602874713527….. Up to infinity when pressed from a calculator. It can be successfully argued that it is a constant as it never changes and is taken as needs requires, (Weil 12). For example, taking its value to 4 significant figures, or 10 decimal places and many others. The value e is also the base of the natural logarithmic numbers. The value is also an exponential value in mathematics which further makes it very interesting and a very interesting prospect to learn about in the end. To calculate the value of e we must have to set the value as irrational in order to come up with an answer and hence a solution. Mathematics and sciences have benefited a lot in the discovery of the value of the number e. All technology and engineering work requires science and mathematics and without the two it is unclear where the world would be in the present years. Arguably, we would still remain in the Stone Age just like animals waiting to be fed or preying on other living things in a rudimentary manner. The two fi9eld have been able to drive the world to its current level and without them it would have been impossible. The ease with which the present life is can be

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