What has been done to reduce alcohol abuse on college campuses and has it been effective?

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What has been done to reduce alcohol abuse on college campuses? Name Institution Affiliation Introduction Education researchers and administrators have cited alcohol abuse as a significant challenge plaguing college campuses. As a result, they have attempted to develop numerous measures including formulations of alcohol policies such as setting a minimum legal drinking age, decreasing access to the alcohol, and social norming to counter the high-risks associated with alcohol abuse. They have also developed prevention and intervention programs at an individual, school, and community level as to prevent and delay the onset of alcohol abuse. Where else most of the policies and programs that are theory driven and address social norms surrounding alcohol abuse have been effective, some have shown little effectiveness, and consequently, the prevalence of alcohol abuse in college campuses stand at a high degree. What has been done to reduce alcohol abuse on college campuses? To reduce alcohol abuse, the government and most of the colleges have implemented the minimum legal drinking age policy. The policy emphasizes the minimum age that students should attain to be allowed to consume alcohol. In the United States, the current minimum legal drinking age is 21. The age limit policy has been effective in minimizing alcohol consumption, alcohol-related violence, and also protects the youths from long-term consequences that result from alcohol abuse such as drug dependence (Dejong and Blanchette 2014). However, since a large population of the college students is aged below 21, the high rate of alcohol consumption in colleges depicts that the implementation of the age limit

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