What does You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine have to say about femininity and the female body?

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How the Feminist Body is Viewed in “What does You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine.” Student’s Name INSTITUTION Affiliation How the Feminist Body is Viewed in “What does You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine.” Alexandra Kleeman uses this book to show how female gender is used in controlling the consumerism behavior in the society. The female body has been used as a tool that has never had freedom immediately one is conceived. In fact, the main character labeled A complains about the situation in which she finds herself being out of her control. The book has three featuring characters who are used in developing the theme of consumption and beliefs directed towards what people see to be beautiful and most appealing to their eyes. The characters in the book are A, who lives with another lady named B. C, the boyfriend to A is another character who helps Kleeman to accomplish her themes in the novel. There is the issue of imitation by the characters, submissive basing on the societal setup, and the purchasing power influenced by what people see as appealing through the television. In the first part of the novel, B is seen to imitate everything that A does ranging from food to dressing just in the name of looking similar. The author describes that the two ladies, A and B looked similar, as they were all short, pale in color and dark haired. However, A has a boyfriend C, who keeps coming to see her (Kofman, 2015). B does not feel okay about it as she assumes that A is more beautiful than she does, and she tries all means for them to look alike. In fact, they are all eating the same foodstuffs; Popsicles. B is using fruits as the main meal to ensure she looks similar

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