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Student’s name Instructor’s name Course Date Critical Thinking The article ‘Has Young Adult Fiction Become Too Dark’ is about disparaging the notion of Meghan Cox Gurdon criticizing young adult literature. The author of the article Mary Elizabeth William analyses some of the views that Gurdon claims that the contemporary literature has too much sex and violence thus teens need to be protected from its depravity. In her article, Gurdon laments that while today’s crop of trauma may validate teens’ experience, books focusing on pathologies might aid to normalize teenagers in cases of self-harm. On the other hand, Elizabeth Williams contradicts Gurdon’s way of reasoning. She defends her views in such that while protecting teens from the depravity of the literature, we will be shutting them off from difficult events and filling in the relative safety and profound comfort of the literature (William 1). She later says that this act will render the teens to be ignorant and obliterate them from knowing the transformative powers of books. Notably, to input my thoughts, young adult literature needs to be censured a bit so that profound literature is leased to the teens. Upon perfection of the strategy, this will create a distinction in a young person’s life on the adequate ways and morality that they should assimilate. The article gives an educative approach in understanding the issues faced by teens in the contemporary system. Nonetheless, implicating total critics to current young adult literature is inappropriate as it denies teens the credibility of accessing information that is crucial to their basic growth and development. However, it is evident

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