What do you think about having McDonald in children hospital

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Student’s Name: Professor: Course: Date: Having McDonald in Children Hospital According to Parikh’s article, there has been a lot of critic from the public about tolerating McDonald restaurants at children hospitals. This is because of the rampant childhood obesity, heart disease, and type II diabetes currently in the U.S (n.p). However, McDonald's pays rent for these premises, and this earns the pediatric health care extra money that they always need. McDonald's also gives millions of dollars for the hospital's foundations and other charity works. As such, having the McDonald’s incorporation within the hospital premises is a compromise between health and the economic goals of the hospitals. In the article, Parikh points out that when people see a McDonald’s restaurant in a hospital, they often tend to rate the food as being healthier. This can be viewed as an endorsement. Many hospitals do not want to send this wrong message as they as well discourage patterns of eating fast foods. Dr. Vishal Avinashi started a campaign on Facebook for hospitals to make a change. He said that he had seen doctors in line remove their tag when ordering the super-value meals at the McDonald’s restaurants. This clearly shows lack of confidence in this food and some guilt associated with it (Parikh n.p). However, many parents with children at these hospitals prefer the McDonald’s food. This is because it is consistent, available for twenty-four hours in a day, the services are quite fast and efficient, and the prices are low compared to other restaurants. According to Parikh (n.p), some children at the hospital become so skinny as they have had their appetite sapped by

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