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Professor's name Student's name Course Date Articles comparison All the four articles portray how different people are made to conform to some set rules or rather forced obedience due to external pressures from others. The people under such pressure such as guards, teacher, a child and other subjects develop different behaviors due to its struggle to maintain harmony and to be obedient to their masters. Social forces play a significant role in constraining the attitudes, behaviors, and opinions of people's actions and perceptions to a great extent as revealed in the four articles. The act of disobedience eventually works obedience to create peace and harmony with the surroundings. Obedience and disobedience have positive and negative consequences on the victim. Their consequences affect the people that interact with the victim. Obedience is required for a communal living while disobedience as a vice brings hatred, disunity, and conflicts in the social world of interaction. According to the articles, the basis and foundation of obedience and disobedience are traced back to psychology, shape, and form of how the world is developing as well as the result or consequences of the choice of action taken. Human response to various situations of life is determined by the time of exposure and specialization and lessons learned or absorbed thereof. The response also is motivated and inspired by the closeness of authority which gives out the orders of execution of duties towards loyalty and faithfulness of the subjects. Additionally, humans have different ways and tactics of relieving horrible conditions they face or subjected. They accomplish this by absorbing and

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