What are the ethical codes of conduct and ethical issues for a nurse practitioner

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Ethics for Nurse Practitioners Student’s Name Institution  What are the Ethical Codes of Conduct and Ethical Issues for a Nurse Practitioner? The principles of morality governing social behavior and conduct are known as ethics. These codes of conduct vary depending on associated risks in a profession. In medicine, they are essential in averting conflicts and clearing confusion. Nurse practitioners (NP) are tasked with caring for individuals in their time of need. Their mode of operation is usually more advanced than that for Registered Nurses. Unlike their colleagues in the nursing field, NPs can actually order tests, diagnose, and even develop a treatment plan (Chadwick& Gallagher, 2016). As such, there is a need for compliance with ethical responsibilities. This paper explores some of the ethical issues in their field. Commitment to Patients In healthcare, all practitioners are required to be fully dedicated to the cause. Their everyday actions have a direct impact on another’s life. An NP is required to ensure decisions made are in the best care of the patient. Working late, working night shifts and even working during holidays are but some of the indicators of commitment. This is despite their personal affairs. For instance, they may wish to spend quality time with their family. However, the busy schedules and critical conditions of the patients will stop them. At the most basic, an NP is an advocate for the well-being of the patients regardless of the social standing of the patient, criminal or not (Chadwick& Gallagher, 2016). Such develops due to an awareness of the existing hurdles and working towards overcoming them. Professional

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