What are social distance measures, such as the The Bogardus Scale, supposed to tell us? Are they useful measurements for studying social progress in terms of race relations?

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Social Distance Student’s name University Abstract Social distance embodies the social nature of interactions among different communities. Race relations are necessary for peace and development in each nation. USA, Canada, and Australia are the most diverse countries, with sophisticated race relations than any other country. Genocides and atrocities meted on the minority such as the Jews, Tutsi and Armenians illustrate the adverse impact of discrimination in the society. Prejudicial feelings in the society have led to the majority groups branding other as lazy while stereotyping intimate that others are inferior to others. Discriminatory behavior in the society has been depicted after ISIS and Boko Haram killed Christians in Asia and Africa respectively. Bogardus measure of social distance uses scores to identify social interactions in the society and divisions between races. The scale ensures that policymakers make sound decisions regarding social relations and solutions to divisions between ethnic groups. The importance of social distance scale in unrivaled especially in multiethnic societies. The relations between different races and ethnic communities are often affected by prejudice, discrimination, and stereotypes. Multiethnic countries such as USA, Australia, and Canada face various sociological challenges than other nations (Marger, 2015). Trump's rhetoric on immigration has also been a major concern in Australia. The Nazi's led by Hitler killed thousands of Jews; Turks killed Armenians while the Rwandan genocide demonstrates the discord among different ethnic and racial groups in the society. The atrocities were done based on prejudice, stereotyping

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