weight loss through exercise

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Overweight or obesity has been a major problem among many people in different countries. There are several ways that have been proposed to be used to control the disease. In rare cases the clinicians prescribe exercise as one of the ways to be used to control the overweight. Exercise is one of the ways that can be used to burn the calories in the body that result in the overweight. When the calories in the body are burnt, the energy of the body or the individual increases since the fats in the body is broken down to produce the energy (Soni, Bhatnagar And Sankhla 146). There is also an increase in the blood flow in the body parts such as the brain and the heart. The increased blood flow is brought about by the increase in the muscles sizes thereby carrying a large volume of blood to the heart and other body organs. There are several ways to conduct exercises, and these ways help to reduce the body weight at specific body parts. The application of the decision support system or technology is the use of the use of the technology to give guidance to an overweight patient to lose weight through the use of the use of exercise. The use of the DSS gives guidance on the specific type of exercise that the patient needs to do and the extent to which that specific exercise need to be done. When using the DSS however, there are several factors that are put into consideration (Soni, Bhatnagar and Sankhla 147). These factors include the nutritional profile of the patient such as the meal that the patient takes on a daily basis. The other factor that is considered is the anthropometric measurements. These measurements include the BMI

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