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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Details: Date of Submission: Technological Distractions And Solutions. Most of us have an addiction to technology that affects us in different ways. Many people in this world cannot survive without technology let alone media platforms. We use technology to run our daily lives, and our attachment to technology has made an impact on many lives. Research proves that using technology speeds up brain fatigue every day. Using technology is why we all feel exhausted at the end of each day even though one was sitting at a desk during most working hours. Studies show that we lose track of our attention six-to-ten times a minute. The problem is that brain fatigue makes it hard for us to regulate our emotions like happiness and love which entails energy. That makes it difficult for us to stay motivated and focused at work making it impossible to remain patient with the people around us because we just lack the resources to sustain those positive emotions. Most people do not recognize the damage of the addiction has on their mental health and their performance at work. It’s not the technology that is harmful to us instead it is the overuse of technology that is dangerous. Our brains can not operate efficiently with a lot of information coming in at every moment. When we change our attention from one job to the next, our minds use up the additional energy to move from one task to the other. One can resolve this by trying to give him or herself a short time before they start a new interest during which they should not use their phones or computers to access media stream. By letting the mind relax and forget about media responses, it

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