week 6 quiz

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Student’s Name Instructor’s name Class Name Date Week 6 Quiz True A, False B Part 1 1: Descartes argues that the cogito (I think, I am/exist) is the foundation for all subsequent knowledge because it... A: provides an indubitable (indubitable = cannot be doubted) principle on which all other claims of knowledge can be based. B: is the first necessary step in the method of doubt C: can be doubted just as much as anything else we might claim to know. D: all of the above. Descartes used the word “cogito” to mean “I think, I am” as the unquestionable, axiomatic basis for his system of philosophy to offer unquestionable principle as the basis of all other claims of knowledge. 2. According to Descartes... A: we cannot have knowledge of the external world (material objects). B: he can prove that there is one thing we can know with absolute certainty--which is: “that we cannot know anything with certainty.” C: the external world can be known through empirical investigation alone (knowledge is gained through the senses).  D: we cannot say that we know things about the world based on sense experience because we can be deceived by our senses or might simply be dreaming. According to Descartes, we receive the information through human senses which do not certainly have to be correct. Descartes reveals that no definite sign differentiates the dream experience from the waking experience. 3. According to G. E. Moore, it is acceptable to say that we know that there is an external world (outside of our ideas) even if it is logically possible that we could be dreaming or hallucinating. A: True B: False The statement is true because the

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