Week 5 Writing Exercise: Creating Email Announcements

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Name Institution Date Mandatory Vacation Policy Effective January 1, 2016 As a result of continued interviews with the departing consultants, it has been troubling by the vast number of our employees who have taken any of their vacation time. The average accumulative PTO for every consultant is 33 days. Such unused amount of vacation time is unacceptable despite the pressures felt to continue working and maintaining commitments to our clients. Through intensive review of the matter for several months by the HR team and I, there will be a change in the policy incentivizing the employees to take time off. The reasons behind the anticipated policy change by the firm involves but not limited to; employees need to take time off to become more productive while in the workplace. Another reason is that employees who usually use more time become happier and productive at work (De Bloom, 2009). The policy will result in several effects to the employees such as, enabling a better work-life balance and improved employee satisfaction. However, it is evident that the policy will disappoint some employees as they will no longer build up cash pay-outs. The changes expected to take effect beginning first of January 2016 includes; employees with less than ten years employment at the firm will get offered 15 days vacation per year. Employees who have worked for more than ten years will receive a leave of 20 days per year. More so, the amount of roll-over as well the cash payouts will be subjected to reduction. Employees will only roll over a maximum of 5 days in a year and will not accumulate a vacation of more than 30 days in a year. Further, employees will not be allowed to gain

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