week 4 discusion board 2

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Name Course Tutor Date Discussion Board Two Apple Inc. is one of the brands that are expected to be successful in the future. The company has come up with a number of strategies that ensure they can survive into the future. The business has come up with an R&D program that ensures they can understand the current market needs. They can design their products as per the consumer needs hence improving their market leadership. The entity is expected to come up with a number of inventions such as Icycle, and Ibrew ("10 Possible Future Apple Products"). Ibrew allows one to make their coffee automatically each morning which Icycle makes it easier for riders. Apple can be termed as one of the most accessible brands in the market. The consumers respond to products that meet their needs as well as those that are likely to last into the future. Apple Inc. has come up with new inventions that match consumer needs making it easier to market. The business has come up with differentiated products such that they can cover a diverse part of the market ("10 Possible Future Apple Products"). The products developed by the firm are also easy to use and consumer friendly. This would make it easier to convince the consumers to subscribe to such products. The world is in need of a location-based application that can aid in traffic navigation. Traffic is a global problem which causes losses that run into billions of shillings. People are also left stranded and are not able to get to useful activities. The application would utilize applications such as Google maps to provide solutions to the traffic. The app would also inform traffic users on what to do when stuck in traffic such

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