Week 4 Blog Analysis

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Week 4 Blog Analysis Benefits Monica Dybuncio’s article “Cancer Patient Receives Stem Cell-Made Windpipe First in the U.S" highlights some of the benefits of using regenerative stem cell technology to grow human organs. One of the benefits is that the technology utilizes the patient's stem cells that have been harvested from his bone marrow. Thus, the process is inexpensive in such a way that the patient does not have to rely on other people to donate any required organ. In this case, the required organ could not be sourced from donors due to the specify the organ required. The second benefit is that the time required to “grow” an organ is short compared to the waiting period for organ donation which can go for years. The third benefit is that since the organ is "grown" from the patient's cells, the patient suffers a minimal risk of the body's cells rejecting the new organ. Thus, the recovery process is less rigorous reducing the chances of the patient acquiring after transplant disorders. Furthermore, organs grown in the lab can offer a solution to various diseases that cause organ failure. Patients with such diseases can have their failing organs easily replaced with new and functioning organs. Therefore, diseases such as cancer can be combated by full replacement of the affected organs. Dangers According to Dybuncio’s (Np) article, the surgeons have not yet had any current risks arising from the transplantation of the windpipe. However, they stipulate that only time will show the patient’s body reacts to the artificial material used to regenerate the trachea. From a reader’s standpoint, a few

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