Week 4 Assignment: Elaborate on the effects of Ethical Behavior

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Week 4: The Effects of Ethical Behavior Student’s Name Institution Date Introduction The legal obligation a company has with regards to its customers is significantly different from its moral obligation. In essence, the moral behavior that a firm exhibit determines what the public will think of its image as well as its customer relationships. Ethical behavior means that a firm looks at the interest of its customers over the protocols and procedures of policy implementation (Velasquez, & Velazquez, 2002). Ideally, big firms that are under the control of the state are always in a dilemma between effectively serving their clients and sticking to the procedures and policies provided by the government. This is to say, there is always a conflict between the legal obligation and the moral obligation a company has with regard to its customers (Velasquez, & Velazquez, 2002). Fulfilling the two may be a problem considering the diverse and rigid nature of the moral obligation. In fact, in an attempt to fulfill these tasks, a firm might find itself entangled in cases of immoral or unethical conduct. This scenario was well represented in the case of Folole Muliaga where Mercury energy was widely criticized for its actions to disconnect the electricity supply for Mrs. Muliaga who was terminally ill and relied on the home oxygen machine for her breathing. In this regard, this paper seeks to analyze this case by assessing the outcome and consequences of Mercury energy’s actions, elaborating whether the actions by Mercury Energy were illegal and immoral, analyzing the police and the Coroner’s decision with regards to this case and finally determining the reforms

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