week 3

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Name Instructor Course number Date Marketing The survey describes my consumer behavior accurately because it is true that I possess high resources and my self- expression motivates me. Additionally, I have a strong passion for fashion which makes me dress in the latest fashion. I am also very sociable with a high value of friends. Thus, this survey truly reflects my consumer actions. Before taking this survey, I would describe my buying behavior as an impulse consumer because I would buy items without a conscious plan. Once I saw an item that I liked, I would just buy it even if it were not in my budget. One of the questions I responded to on the survey was whether I like being in charge of groups. My answer was “mostly agree” because I like mobilizing people so that we meet our shared objectives and goals. Another question was whether only a fool gives more than they get, my answer was "mostly disagree" because I believe that someone can give whatever amount so long as he or she does it wholeheartedly. Recently, I purchased a Samsung S8 smart phone due to the influence of my social class. A large number of my peers had purchased Samsung S8 which had a good camera; I finger sensor application and many other attractive features. I felt outdated and decided to buy the phone so that I could identify myself with my peers. After buying the phone, I felt satisfied because I could also capture quality pictures and use the other applications. I experienced dissonance when I bought a new type of diapers for my little sister. I am used to buying her Pampers, but on that day I decided to buy I different kind. When my mother used the diaper on my little sister,

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