Week 3 Threaded Scholarly Discourse

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Piaget’s Theory Name: Institution: Piaget’s Theory Jean Piaget, a psychologist who introduced Piaget’s theory in the 20th century, researched in various ways an individual can acquire, keep and develop knowledge. Teaching is all about ensuring the student understand what is being taught, retaining it for further use in the exam and developing it further through the use of research. Thus, it is very simple and possible for teachers to apply Piaget's theory in the classroom. This theory enhances the education of students in different ways. However, its effectiveness is determined by the curriculum being used and the level of class the being taught. The application of Piaget's theory in the classroom is beneficial not only to students but also to the teachers (Murphy, 2017). I aspire to teach 1st grade in which the student has is more concerned in developing their language as well as recognizing symbolic form (Mclendon, 2011). The development o f a child is impacted by the interactions and experiences he or she is having while growing up. The cognitive structure of children according to Piaget is established by the interactions. The stage within which the students will be experiencing the cognitive development is the pre-operational level, the stage between 2 – 7 years. This stage is characterized by simplistic actions whereby the teachers can even manipulate the environment with the aim of helping the students develop their intellectual abilities (O'Donnell et al. 2012). As stated above, pre-operational stage involves language development for the student, and as a teacher, you need to understand the individual difference, ability, or curiosity to know how

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