Week 3 Assignment: Evaluate the Price of Unethical Behavior

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The Price of Unethical Behavior: A Focus on BP Oil Company Spill Student’s Name Institution Date Introduction Ethics involves learning what is right and what is wrong. Particularly, ethics in business is a lot more than the straightforward notions expressed in business ethic. For instance, most ethical problems in businesses are not just a matter of stealing and lying; the core ethical dilemma in a business setting is the social responsibility the business has about its external and internal environment (Jeurissen, 2007). This responsibility determines the kind of relationship the business has with its customers and the external environment as well as the relationship the business or rather the management of the business has with its employees and workers. To maintain ethical behaviors in the business setting, social responsibility must be at the top of the business management's checklist. In essence, the decisions made and the business strategies employed by the business management need to reflect the management's desire to be responsible to both its employees and the external environment (Kaplan, 2009). In this regard, the BP Oil Spill that led to the most brutal oil disaster in the history of America has raised some ethical issues. As such, this paper seeks to analyze the decisions made by the BP Oil management, the ethical issues surrounding the conduct of the company, the evaluation of the unethical behaviors and the outcome surrounding the disaster as well as the cost and punishment of the unethical behavior and if the punishment was justified. Summary of the Historical Scenario BP Oil Spill disaster occurred on 20th April 2010 when the

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