Websites review and reflection

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Websites Review and Reflection Name Institution Affiliation Websites Review and Reflection I ranked each website differently based on a given set of factors. Such aspects included accessibility, reputability, and purpose of the source, type of information and author, contact links, references, the relevance of information and so forth. Websites from group 1 both had high scores since they possessed many positive elements. In particular, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) website scored highly as it is a government source, which proves that it is reputable. Besides that, the CDC site received a high score since its main aim is to spread information, and that it has some contact links, avoids opinions and provides a wide range of essential topics CITATION CDC18 l 1033 (CDC, 2018). Similarly, the Kids Health website scored highly as its source is a professional organization with a primary aim to inform the public of health issues. Moreover, this site had a high score as it provides balanced information, and has dates on its pages, as well as active links (KidsHealth, 2018). However, I did not recognize the source and could not identify the author of some of its articles, and this might have lowered its score. On the other hand, websites from group 2 had lower scores than those from group 1 due to various reasons. The WebMD site scored low as it requires a visitor to subscribe so as to receive updates, relies on an unrecognizable source and contains data that is not peer-reviewed. Nevertheless, this site has some seals of approval and a wide range of content that is helpful to the reader (WebMD, 2018). The Everyday Health website also received low

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