violence and war: Techonolgy and violence

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Student Name Instructor Course Date Technology and Violence Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for purposes that are practical for example applied sciences and engineering. Violence is a behavior that involves a force that is an intention to hurt someone emotionally, damage someone physically or kill someone or something (Shaw 245). Technology can be a tool to bring violence and war example through cluster bombs and guided missiles. On the other hand, it can be a tool for peace and development such as for construction, transport and communication development. The discussion below is based on how technology has advanced on tools that have been used to bring conflict and war among countries. Technology has a history of war. War started in the early days when agriculture began to be prioritized to citizens during colonization in most counties (O’Hanlon 46). Tools such as sticks and spears began to be used and inflicted war when neighboring communities tried to steal the agricultural products (Onorato, Gaetano, Scheve, and Stasavage 452). Conflict wars begun between neighboring countries sticks and spears graduated to machine gun and developed to armored tanks and extended to nuclear weapons. The graduation of technology increased rapidly because the states wanted to play superior. Every country has their military forces to aid in emergencies of war raided conflicts. The weapons which have been advanced and are causing wars are leading to individual killings and some extent mass killings. The army force use jeeps and ground-launched missiles, the navy use sea-launched missiles and the air force use air-launched missiles (Sagan 6). Technology in

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