Violence and public health

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Violence and Public Health Name Institution Abstract The survivors of wars (soldiers) and natural disasters are not the only people prone to PTSD. Many of our young children, especially those of color living in the neighborhoods of associated with poverty, show the effects of unrelenting structural race and racism, violence in the streets, domestic instability and other adversities almost daily. And their symptoms look similar like post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). According to the movie (“Raising in America”) areas in Oakland and Philadelphia, brings the harrowing and terrifying stories of children experiencing trauma by violence and adversity. This makes them suffer from hyper-vigilance, impulse control nightmares and depression. But these children and young people, along with community organizations and providers like John Rich, are helping in creating a new path. They start by not inquiring what is wrong with the children but rather inquire what happened to the young people, as well as how the traumatized children and young people heal. Keywords: violence, PTSD, poverty, traumatic, adversity Question one Other than violence, traumatic experiences also cause PTSD. Such experiences include hyper-vigilance, lack of trust as well as difficulty in concentrating in school work leading to suspension and sometimes expulsion from schools. Another cause of PTSD is race and racism. Children of color are common in the poor neighborhoods of the United States. Such children undergo bullying, isolation, harassment. This eventually affects their mental and physical development. Question two According to Sleet et al. (2016), in his article injury and violence

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