Viewpoints of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton from 1790-1800

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Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Date of Submission Views of Jefferson and Hamilton from the year 1790-1800 Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were advisors of the US President George Washington in 1976. In his farewell meeting, George Washington had warned politicians against forming political factions for revenge purposes. Despite his warning, Jefferson and Hamilton played a pivotal role in establishing the parties that led the existence of the dual party system used up to today in the US. These two men were responsible for shaping the early national political landscape. Both Jefferson and Hamilton were figures who contributed to the US revolutionary efforts as well as in founding the United States. Hamilton served in the government as the secretary of the treasury. On the other hand, Jefferson assumed the role of Secretary of the State who was the first in the US history. Both men had visions that were contradicting about the path that the nation was to take. The objective of this writing is to evaluate the different viewpoints of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton from 1790-1800. Jefferson thought that America's success depended on its agrarian tradition. On the other hand, Hamilton believed in in an economic plan that would promote manufacturers and commerce for the success of United States. Hamilton disbelieved the popular will and therefore thought that it was important for the federal government to exercise a substantial power to help in steering success. However, Jefferson had a great trust in the people and considered them to be governors of the nation. The differences in their opinions are what made

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