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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Analyzing the Life History of Vance Packard Prior to his death at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital in Massachusetts, in 1996, Vance Packard was a renowned figure in the US. In fact, he was considered a legend by many US citizens. Born in Pennsylvania, in 1914, Vance Packard was not only an American journalist but also a social critic and an author. In 1936, he was able to earn his first degree in English at the Penn State University where he identified himself as a farm boy all along. This is because; his father was a dairy farmer. In the subsequent year, he attained his postgraduate degree in journalism at the Colombia University. Consequently, as a journalist and an author, he practically focused on print media where he worked for the American Magazine, the Boston Daily Record and the Center Daily Times. This was after he had launched his career in 1957. Apart from his work, Packard was also a family man. He was married to Virginia Matthews upon which, they were blessed with two sons and a daughter. Delving into the Content of Packard’s Publication- the ‘Hidden Persuaders’ In addition, Packard delved into public communication where his publication on advertisement created a suitable platform for a demonstration of depth approach. For instance, how advertisers can influence consumers’ perception of a particular product. Just like every other leading public-relations expert, Vance Packard applied various ingenious techniques aimed at influencing consumers’ behaviors. Moreover, the Hidden Persuaders was one of his major publications, regarded

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