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Student: Professor: Course: Date: Validity of Experiments Ransom and Pope did a study in 1992 to assess the relationship between absenteeism from school and respiration brought about by pollution in 1992. Data was collected from both Provo School District and Alpine School District. Absents results were then regressed on the level of contamination, temperature, and other weather conditions. In analyzing the validity of the research, the paper will look into the various types of validity and the different ways through which the text achieves. Statistical Conclusion Validity can only be achieved if there is a correlation between the treatment and the outcomes. This research delivers it in that the regression results show that there was a definite association between absenteeism and pollution. The analysis of the relationship between pollution and weather data revealed that they have a healthy relationship as the correlation variable was 0.97. Evidence recorded in the paper indicated that high concentration of pollutants affects the quality of air. Internal Validity, on the other hand, makes inference on the covariance between the presumed treatments and outcomes. As such, it reflects on the causal association of A and B as data is measured. The research paper assumes that increasing concentration of pollutant materials in the air is related to the rise in respiratory systems. The outcome in this assumption is the respiratory systems, and the treatment is particulate pollution (Stern and Elliott 333). Construct validity is a situation that can only happen if the sample results represent the population. Since the results show that there is a significant

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