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Reduced Vaccination Author’s Name Institution Low numbers recorded in immunizations are as a result of vaccine shortages. Effects of factors such as delays in the production of medicine to curb upcoming ailments, immensely affect the volume of the population that receives them. Furthermore, there are very few manufacturers for these vaccines. These numbers are mainly due to licensing and harsh governmental policies that are meant to ensure quality and integrity. Also, the companies find some brands to be non-profitable and expensive to manufacture, therefore abandoning such projects. With new strains of diseases arising each year, demand for urgent and efficient vaccines skyrockets. The ever-rising human populace ensures that in case of an epidemic, the need for some vaccines exceeds the rate of immunizations. It also means that newer medicine is favored market-wise and thus runs out quickly. Logistical problems and inadequate storage of vaccines in remote locations render the vaccines useless thus not reaching the designated population. In the recent years, the public outlook of the government-offered immunizations has dramatically changed. In the United States, for example, a small but significant number of parents are skeptical about some or all vaccines. A staggering 9% of the interviewed population in a 2015 survey admits that vaccines are not safe for healthy children (Funk & Rainie, 2015). A further 30% expressed the opinion that the decision of whether to vaccinate children should remain with the parent. The growing doubts are sure to affect the immunizations levels further in the coming future as it is the young people that express such

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