Vaccines – Are all Vacines Safe?

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Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date Are All Vaccines Safe? Outline The question of whether all vaccines should be embraced is very controversial Some people think that vaccines are not harmful if administered correctly Another group of people believes that vaccines are unsafe Vaccines are supposed to lessen the adversity of infection in the vaccinated person or make an individual’s immune to targeted diseases (von Stebut, Esther 506-509). The two main types of vaccine are the attenuated or weakened and the dead vaccine. Main points The objecting group of people suggests that the dosage could be too much for infants hence harmful instead of protecting them against infections. Research shows that whooping cough vaccine is safe for babies, adults, and pregnant women though side effects may occur. A safety research conducted in the UK by proved that the vaccine was safe for the expectant women Whooping cough vaccine has limited and less severe reactions and hence safe for use. Many studies have shown that HPV vaccine is very safe and efficient at HPV prevention, but also have adverse effects HPV was tested in more than 15,000 participants and proven to be safe (Reissner, N.P). Gardasil, which was licensed in 2006 after a series of trials with more than 29,000 individuals. CDC and FDA monitor HPV to approve of its safety of vaccines through three systems before administering to patients There are regular reports from experts of CISA on more advanced effects to improve vaccine safety. There has been a controversy of whether HPV vaccine could be used in children under the age of nine years old Vaccines are safe they are

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