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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: When encountered by a dilemmatic situation in the healthcare, there are several principles that can be applied to get a rescue. As a health specialist, the method and the approach I would put into consideration will include the use of the utilitarianism approach to solving the dilemma. The utilitarianism is applicable whenever someone is faced with professional, ethical, moral as well as legal challenges. The assumption made is based on the utilitarian theory (Barilan 168). The theory explains that the result of the dilemma depends on the action that is conducted by the decision maker. The utilitarianism was discovered and used mostly by the philosopher long before 19th century. The utilitarianism was used in a way that it views the action that is right morally and that which produces most good results that are needed. In utilitarianism, it mainly focuses on the pleasure of the people. It is also differentiated by the impartiality as well as the agent-neutrality. Some of the ways that will be used to deal with the key issues in the healthcare will be through the rewards given to the caregivers especially those that work as volunteers in the healthcare (Barilan 171). The utilitarianism also comes with the desire of doing good to the society where someone comes, and for that matter, the individual is likely to choose the less paining strategy with increased pleasure to the people in the society. With the help of the utilitarian theory, the practitioners are capable of deciding any dilemma that comes on their way to duty. The utilitarianism also creates a sense of consequentialism and therefore determining the quality of the

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