use of manipulative in the mathematics classroom

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The Use of Manipulatives in a Mathematics Classroom Name Institutional Affiliation The Use of Manipulatives in a Mathematics Classroom Using two articles covering the subject of discussion, the agenda of this paper is to determine the author’s purpose in each one of them. To maintain diversity in the analysis, one of the articles chosen will be informative while the other will be persuasive. Article 1- Informative The first article of analysis is “Using manipulatives to teach elementary mathematics” by Matthew Boggan, Sallies Harper, and Anna Whitmire. As revealed throughout the paper, the purpose of Boggan and his colleagues writing the article is to inform the readers of the importance and benefits of using manipulatives. In a general overview, the report presented by Boggan et al. (2010) is accurate on enlightening the reader of the present benefits of manipulatives. It is based on their advantages that manipulatives still have a place in teaching mathematics. The style used by the three authors show that their aim was to inform the reader. One aspect is the choice of words. The first statement of the article’s abstract states that “the purpose of this paper is to explain the importance and benefits of math manipulatives” (p.1). As such, the aim of Boggan et al. (2010) is to inform the audience. Besides word choice, the three scholars exhibit extensive use of references to support their views. Beginning with the introduction, the three scholars make use of substantial evidence to support the course taken by their article. For instance, the quote from the work of Seefeldt and Wasik (2006, p.250) used in the introduction aligns with the thesis of

Free use of manipulative in the mathematics classroom Essay Sample

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