US jobs and housing market affects the economy

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Student’s name Professor Course Date US jobs and housing market affects the economy The United States economy is influenced by many factors such as business spending, inflation, housing, employment, and the GDP. These factors affect the economy of the united states directly as they have a more significant influence on the economy. It is therefore essential to note that the united states of America depend on some of these factors in improving their economy. They also contribute to the rise and fall of the economy. This paper is thus dedicated to research on the US job market, and house market affects the economy. It is divided into segments discussing the two elements play important roles to the consumers and the contrast/ progress they had after recession ("United States Economy - GDP, Inflation, CPI And Interest Rate"). Dynamics of job market in the USA The united states job market has been compromised for a very long time. The outlook of the economy highly depends on the job market that must be competitive for the economy to rise and to be boosted significantly. Some of the reasons behind the job market in the united states include unemployment rates that have been high in the united states. However, the levels of unemployment have been reducing; for example, it has diminished from 4.9-4.6 in the last two years which is a significant way to recognize the rise of employment opportunities in the United States. Many new jobs are introduced in the job market at given periods of time for example in November last year 228, 000 new jobs were added thus reducing the rates of unemployment significantly ("Forbes Welcome"). Another factor that affects the outlook for

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